As an arts consultant, I have worked with both independent theater and film production companies and ensembles, as well as individual artists who are producing projects for stage and screen. 

My years of experience producing award-winning theater and film are invaluable to me in this capacity; not only do I innately understand the challenges facing my clients, but I am able to foresee both the opportunities and the challenges that lie ahead. 

My areas of expertise include:

  • Analysis of budgets and fundraising techniques, Working with both nonprofit and commercial budgets, ranging in scale from $20,000 - $1.5 million.
  • Strengthening Board of Directors relations, attracting new members to a company's Board
  • Team-building within organizations, strategizing on optimal conditions to foster and promote the highest level of collaboration within artistic ensembles and management teams
  • Examining current calendar maintenance, scheduling, and time management techniques 
  • Planning and launching new projects or initiatives - building a detailed launch strategy and evaluating the roll out.
  • Developing marketing and press materials.
  • Festival or Distribution Strategy
  • Audience development strategies - identifying key audience demographics, building plans to strengthen audience engagement