In my workshops, I work with artists at all stages of their producing journeys. I work with individuals who have never produced anything before, and those who have successfully produced in one medium and might be looking to try their hand at something new. Similarly, some people join the workshop with a clear project idea or with a draft they've been revising for years - and others come to me with the desire to make something but have no clarity on what it is they want to make. My workshops run for 12 weeks, and meetings are held virtually, via a video conferencing system. This allows participants to log on from wherever they might be, and makes it easier for working artists who are juggling tricky schedules to not miss sessions. After the 12 week period, 95% of my clients stay on and continue to work with me in my "Extension Workshops", which provide accountability, community and guidance throughout the production process.

I also work with a small number of one-on-one clients. We meet, virtually, for an hour a week (at a set time), and I am available to them via email in-between sessions, to review documents, answer questions, etc. 

To receive a .pdf detailing my upcoming workshop offerings, rates for the workshops and one-on-one work, payment plan offers and to  see examples of client work, please send us an email. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours.